Agriculture and Beaufort PDO

Mountain farming requires special know-how. Maintaining meadows and mountain pastures, milking cows at altitude, making cheese... Agriculture is very present at Bonneval sur Arc and many tourism professionals are "double active": farmer + ski instructor or high mountain guide, for example. Discover local products such as Beaufort PDO cheeses and Bleu de Bonneval.

Grazing on the ski slopes

Mountain farming requires special know-how. Maintaining meadows and mountain pastures, milking cows at altitude, making cheese... Agriculture is still very much alive at Bonneval sur Arc.

While grazing the meadows all summer long, cows and sheep enjoy the herbs and flowers that give all their flavors to the cheeses but also contribute to the quality of the... ski slopes! Part of the pastures become ski slopes in winter.

Grazing in alpine pastures allows the vegetation to regenerate year after year. The quality of the grass means that the snow "holds" better in winter, which makes it easier to prepare the slopes.

All year round, meet the farmers, the herds in the mountain pastures and taste the quality products made by passionate mountain people.

Agriculture and beaufort Bonneval sur Arc

Sheep and patous in the mountain pastures

During your hikes, you will also regularly see sheep enjoying the mountain grass. However, keep your distance, the flocks are guarded by shepherds but also by patous dogs that can perceive you as a threat if you get too close or if you cross the flock.

The Beaufort

also known as the "Prince of Gruyères", is made from whole, raw milk. Since 1968, it has benefited from the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée label, which imposes strict specifications including regular checks on milk producers and a minimum 5-month maturing period.
It comes in the form of a wheel weighing around 40 kg, 11 to 16 cm high and 35 to 75 cm in diameter, with a concave heel. The cheese is smooth, ivory to yellow in color, with a firm mouthfeel before melting in the mouth.
10,000 wheels of Beaufort are produced each year by the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Cooperative. Each is made on site at Val Cenis-Lanslebourg with the 5 million liters of milk collected annually from Modane to Bonneval sur Arc. Beaufort d'alpage, Beaufort d'été and Beaufort d'hiver will delight the taste buds of even the most discerning gourmets!

Beaufort cheese production in the village of Bonneval sur Arc

Visit to the Haute Maurienne Vanoise dairy cooperative

Throughout the Haute Maurienne Vanoise, several mountain pasture farms welcome you. The cheese makers, the alpagists and the farmers will make you discover their life, hard but beautiful, and their products. They will gladly tell you about their job, milking, haying, calving, patous, wolves...
All year round, it is also possible to visit the Haute Maurienne Vanoise dairy cooperative in Val Cenis-Lanslebourg. Visit by reservation in the morning with discovery of the Beaufort cheese making, visit of the maturing cellars and tasting. Free visit in the afternoon.

> The official website of the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Dairy Cooperative