The Bonneval blue

This cheese is a treasure, just like the village that bears its name, Bonneval sur Arc. Tasty as can be, it is present on the best tables!

Treasure of the mountain pastures

Bonneval sur Arc is also known for its " Bleu ". Shaped like a cylinder with a straight heel and a blue-grey rind, it is a mild cheese with a melting paste and blue mold. A real treat for gourmets!

The blue of Bonneval sur Arc, a must in the resort !
The Vanoise National Park, an essential part of Bonneval sur Arc's environment

A rare and unique cheese

The milk of the "Tarentaise" and "Abondance" cows is incomparably rich!

It is also harvested for the production of Beaufort PDO and transformed into delicious cheeses at the Haute Maurienne Vanoise dairy cooperative.

The Bleu de Bonneval sur Arc is made exclusively with milk from the herds of the farms of Bessans and Bonneval sur Arc.

In summer, the high mountain pastures (above 2000 m) with their thousand flowers, offer our dairy cows a quality food and a unique taste to this cheese.

Our cheesemakers are experts at transforming this milk into a creamy, marbled cheese that will delight our taste buds!