The Grand Méan glacier

The Grand Méan glacier is a must-see in Bonneval sur Arc, Haute Maurienne and Savoie. Exaggerated? It's up to you: discovering this glacier, which ends in an ice cliff dropping steeply into a lake filled with floating icebergs, is an unforgettable experience. A spectacle worthy of the greatest expeditions, with an unforgettable view of a summit at over 3,000m.

A change of scenery guaranteed!

A grandiose hike to the glacial lake of Grand Méan, which offers a spectacle worthy of the greatest expeditions.

Starting from the hamlet of l'Ecot (2,000 m), above Bonneval-sur-Arc, a path rises steadily to the splendid cirque of Les Évettes and the eponymous refuge. Built by the architect Jean Prouvé in the 1970s, this building with its atypical design allows hikers to take a gourmet break near the marmots and ibexes (on the menu: pormoniers and farçon, wild rhubarb or blueberry pie).

A last effort and the Grand Méan lake appears, at 2 876 m of altitude, revealing a landscape of the end of the world.

The glacier ends abruptly with an impressive ice cliff that plunges directly into the clear waters where icebergs float... An unforgettable view, surrounded by peaks of over 3,000 m.

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The Glacier du Grand Méan, a must-see in the Alps Bonneval sur Arc