Bonneval sur Arc is a major site for ice climbing in France. From the village to the hamlet of l'Ecot, many ice falls are formed in winter. Helmet, ice axe, crampons, harness, rope: you are equipped to climb on frozen water. An incredible sensation to discover. Between Bessans and Bonneval sur Arc some waterfalls can even reach several hundred meters high.



An activity accessible to all

Supervision and initation with guides

An activity accessible to all, even to people who have never climbed before, thanks to professional guides and instructors, and to sites that are very easy to access, such as the Ecot or, just outside Bonneval sur Arc, the Barmettes waterfall. The guarantee of a unique experience to enjoy the ephemeral ice routes.

Ice until March

The Last Ice Encounters

The particular conditions of Bonneval sur Arc and the Haute Maurienne Vanoise, with glaciers that dominate the valley and sheltered walls, even allow the valley to host each year in March the " Rencontres de la dernière glace", an event that brings together hundreds of climbers who come to enjoy the last icefalls still formed in France at that season

Activities and leisure on the ice fall in Bonneval sur Arc in winter
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